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Equilibrium Point Team

Industrial Engineer

How it started

The Equilibrium Point story starts following the successful acquisition in 2017 of Eliza Corporation, the healthcare engagement and analytics company that we built from the ground up over a 17-year period. By then, we started actively exploring the burgeoning fields of IoT/Machine Learning/Data Science, to the point of building our first IoT hardware and software prototypes.

At the same time, one of our investing partners, also a former colleague at Eliza Corporation for 14 years, had moved into the car wash industry, purchasing a car wash business. Expecting it to be a ‘lights out, hands-off’ operation, he quickly learned it was anything but. After listening to him describe the number and type of outages he experienced, and the time he spent going back and forth to his car wash location, the light bulb went on! The car wash business seemed like an excellent fit for our well-designed IoT platform, sensors and analytics, and after extensive research, the car wash industry officially became our first industrial application.

Where we are now

We have successfully deployed our IoT solution suite, including our real-time dashboard and alerting, in car wash locations across the country, and we continue to advance our Machine Learning (ML) technology to address key needs within the car wash industry, such as chemical cost analytics.


Most notably, we launched a partnership with one of the nation’s largest car wash manufacturers and distributors in a cutting-edge computer vision initiative, utilizing ML models. 


We also expanded our ML technologies into other industries hungry for automation and augmented intelligence technology. As examples, we are applying ML solutions to measure and monitor soil quality within the Agriculture business, preventive equipment maintenance across the Building and Transportation industries and water quality (TDS) and filtration levels for the Water Industry

It is clear that ML is increasingly the go-to technology that cuts across industries. Seizing on the trend, Equilibrium Point has established itself as the authority within the industrial market in how to best structure efficient DataOps systems and build quality ML models to analyze data and deliver results, leveraging historical and real-time data so business leaders can make better decisions, drive cost efficiency and improve outcomes/ROI.

Finally, we are also excited to share that Equilibrium Point joined forces with Helium, the nation’s fastest growing people's network providing access to hundreds of innovative sensors and real-time analytics to streamline industrial operations.  All this powered by the world’s largest LoRaWAN network, bringing a new level of streamlined operations, analytics and proactive monitoring to industrial operations. 

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